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Rise - A UK Based Cardano Stakepool

Lets Rise Together

Over $100 Donated So Far

Member of the Cardano Mission Driven Pools Alliance

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Our Stakepool

The Story

  • Ticker : [RISE]

  • Pledge : 30,000 ADA

  • Pool Margin : 2%

  • Fixed Epoch Cost : 345 ADA

Being silent admirers of the vision set by Charles Hoskinson for a number of years , we have educated ourselves in the dream for the world as seen through Cardano and reflecting that in our Stake Pool

  • Providing economic identity to the many not the few

  • Becoming the worlds financial operating system

  • Scaling to a Billion users

Cardano is building this vision on ever growing scientific peer reviewed work that is built to last generations.

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Lets Rise Together

Echoing the values of Cardano, we want to use 20% of our profits to help noble causes across the world.

See our Contributions page for more information

We are a part of the Cardano Mission Driven Pools Aliance

A collective of pools striving to contribute to the world in various ways


"We are Cardano, and if you'll allow us, we'd like to change the world."

Charles Hoskinson


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