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Rise FAQ

What You Need to Know

How do I delegate to a pool?

What is your Pledge?

Currently the RISE pledge is set at 30, 000 ADA. A pledge is us as pool operators saying that we are motivated into providing an excellent service to our delegators. As the Cardano community grows we plan to schedule increases in the pledge amount to ensure we stay attractive to our customers

What is your pool margin?

Our pool margin is currently at 2%. This means that when we mint blocks for Cardano, you as delegators will get 98% of all rewards. We will use this 2% to grow our pool and help good causes across the world

What is the cost per epoch?

A Cardano 'epoch' lasts for 5 days. If RISE is selected as part of the protocol to mint blocks within this time period then as part of the whole rewards for a pool, 345 ADA will be taken before the rewards are distributed to delegators.

How many blocks will RISE mint?

The Cardano protocol selects pools to mint blocks based on the amount of stake they have. The number of blocks per epoch are based on chance, so some pools will mint more blocks in one epoch than others, but these will even out over time. Since RISE has grown we have produced at least one block per epoch, in many cases several blocks. 

How much can i make staking with RISE?

As we are a relatively small pool, we are not saturated, which means our pool gives you optimum rewards between 4%  per year. Some epochs we may be lucky and the protocol assigns us more blocks, some epochs we may only get one. However over the year this will average out into the 4% - 5%

Why do you want to help noble causes?

Coming from the first world, we are lucky to have so much that often we take for granted. For many across the world unfortunately they don't have this luxury. So we want want to use Cardano and its innovations to help the world. Though 20% of our pool reward profits every month we want to do this!
We will support a new cause every month.

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