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Updated: Apr 15, 2021

I thought id start this journey by introducing myself, I am Jay the owner and operator of [RISE].

Just a quick tour of my background, I have a Computer Science degree and work in the education sector as a Lead engineer for data solutions in the UK.

I love technology and how it is changing the world for the better day by day. I am also a firm believer that technology should be used for the betterment of all across the world.


I got word of Cardano by chance actually. A friend at work got me introduced to cryptocurrencies like most of the world in 2017, here i go researching words like 'bitcoin', 'ethereum' on youtube and in one of the videos i saw some of the comments, I cant remember it exactly but it was along the lines of 'Cardano is going to change the world.' This comment had around 30 likes and was one of the top comments on this page.

My inquistive mind told me lets do some digging into this and see what its about. So I then stumbled open Charles Hoskinson's videos and thought they were really engaging as he described the Cardano mission for the world.

I then bought some ADA and didnt really do much with it, but caught every video that Charles and IOHK published and learnt alot about the space and the problems that need solving.


When the ITN happened I didnt partake as an operator instead as a delegator, i remember catching the Cardano Effect Podcasts and listening to all the fun that was being had with discussions around A0 and K.

As time went on a thought i want to get involved and so started to look at various guides and documentation on how to get setup.

This wasnt easy, involved a fair amount of trial and error, disapointment and frustration in trying to get it all to work. Eventually with perseveriance i created RISE sucessfully processing transactions.

Why the name RISE?

The name came from an experience in my own personal life where something happened and I was feeling pretty low and a thought came to me that no matter how bad things can get in life, in the world we must rise again, time after time. Hence RISE


I created RISE with the thought in mind to contribute to the ecosystem as well as to use technology to help good causes across the world. Hence in 2021 I want to donate 20% of all profits to such causes each month. There will be a seperate post about this outlining furthur details and specifics.

I hope you will join me in this intiative.

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