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RISE Supporting Wildlife SOS - April 2021- $862.63 Donated

Updated: May 4, 2021

It feels like now brighter days are coming with Summer just around the corner. Hopefully we all will be able to enjoy the great outdoors where possible and realise that the world is an amazing place with nature at its heart. Often no matter how your day has been, with all the ups and downs of life, just spending some time with nature can make us feel just that little bit better.

The wonders of the world can be realised through the majestic nature of animals, the affection that they give and how they leave everyone awestruck. They need to be protected for our future generations.

The work that Cardano is doing across the world in bringing opportunity to new places will eventually trickle down into various conservation efforts across these nations, building through identity manangement and chain solutions.

In order to bring a wider awareness of these causes we will be supporting Wildlife SOS this month.

Why Wildlife SOS?

Established in 1995 in India, Wildlife SOS is now working towards protecting Indian wildlife, conserving habitats, studying biodiversity, conducting research and creating alternative and sustainable livelihoods for poacher communities that depend on wildlife.

The wildlife here is under threat, but its not too late to support this intiative.

The Asian elephant is an ‘endangered’ species according to the IUCN Red List. There are various reasons for the rapid decline of the elephant population, including:

No room to roam: Habitat loss and fragmentation is the greatest threat to wild Asian Elephants. Rapid increase in industrialization and human development projects are clearing their habitat, pushing the elephants to less suitable environments. Human-elephant conflict: Due to shrinking habitats, elephants are forced to stray into human settlements in search of food and water which sometimes results in damage to property or even human lives. Retaliation by the people affected by these incidents often result in killing of these elephants. Ivory Poaching: The international ivory trade has contributed to the poaching of male elephants (bulls) for their tusks. Illegal trafficking and capturing of young elephants: Elephant calves are separated from their mother and poached from the wild to be used in entertainment industries such as circuses, weddings, processions and even temples. In the process, mothers are usually killed attempting to protect their young.

Every threat to a wild animal is interconnected and one often leads to the other. Listed beneath are some of the major causes threatening the leopard’s survival in the wild

Loss of habitat: A shrinking forested habitat is a major threat for leopards as the increasing natural pressure on resources is leaving smaller habitats for the wild cat to forage, hiding, raise its young and thrive in.

Shrinking of prey base: While the leopard is a versatile eater, a major number of the species it preys on are also the victims of rapid deforestation and urbanisation.

Man-animal conflict: As the forests shrink, leopards, being the adaptable animals they are, have begun to thrive in an urban landscape, often sustaining on dogs and cattle. This often drives them into conflict with the local human population, leading to terrifying confrontations that have negative impacts on both humans and leopards alike.

Animals being supported:






The points above have been taken from the Wildlife Sos website to highlight some of the issues that are being faced by animals in these need areas.

What our donation will do?

Our donation will support the following:

Elephant Conservation And Care

Leopard Conservation

Human-Wildlife Conflict Mitigation

Tribal Rehabilitation Programs


Habitat Conservation

Training And Awareness


In order to ensure we are transparent about our donations, we will be uploading any receipts and donation acknowledgements to our website in the Our Contributions page.

Update 04/05/2021

We donated $862.63 (£622.41) to Wildlife SOS on 4th May 2021

For details click here

As always this is only possible thanks to the ever supportive Cardano community, so Thank You!


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