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RISE Supporting the Great Ormond Street Charity - February 2021 - $618.27 Donated

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

First of all we would like to thank all our delegators in helping us support the Mona Foundation last month. Through you we were able to donate $103.99 to help education initiatives in key need areas.

Its amazing how time flies, we are already into February, it only seems like yesterday where we were starting our journey within the Cardano ecosystem. As you all will be aware, February is geared up to be a great month for the ecosystem with some key releases and annoucements that will probarbly suprise us and make us even more glad to be part of this world changing community.

In continuing the RISE ethos of being a Mission Driven Pool and pledging our pool rewards to great causes, for the month of February we will be donating to the Great Ormond Street Charity through Work For Good


Children are the legacy we leave behind, they will continue what we started and implement innovations that we lay the foundation to today.

In any industry a succession plan is key. This plan is only fruitful if we nuture talent and discovery early on in a persons life and fill that with love and happiness.

For some children their journery isnt as straightforward as we would like it to be.

Serious illnesses can have an impact on the quality of this journey not only for the child but for us as a collective.

But time and time again we have to salute the courage of these children as they are fighters and willing to tackle any of the challenges life throws at them.

GOSH strives everyday to give these children a chance of a better future, so that they can dream and maybe even change the world one day.

What our donation will do?

Our donation will fund four key areas within GOSH. These include:

Child and family support - helping to raise children’s spirits and ease the burden on families

Pioneering research - supporting world-leading scientists to find the diagnoses, treatments and cures of tomorrow

Advance medical equipment - funding cutting-edge kit to address the hospital’s most urgent needs

Rebuilding and refurbishment - creating flexible, future-proofed facilities designed around children and young people

Possible donation impact

If we donate £130, this could pay for everything a play team member needs for one day. Through play, these GOSH superheroes ensure children feel in control, calm, informed about what’s happening, and most importantly, able to be children.


In order to ensure we are transparent about our donations, we will be uploading any receipts and donation acknowledgements to our website in the Our Contributions page.

As we grow within the Cardano ecosystem we will also be sending metadata evidencing these on to the blockchain itself.

Update 27/02/2021

We donated $618.27 (£444) to Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity on the 27th February 2021

For details click here

As always this is only possible thanks to the ever supportive Cardano community, so Thank You!


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